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Andie + Joseph John Matthews have been busying themselves in and around the Blue Mountains for quite some time, playing gigs, working in hospitality, flirting with local bartenders, all the usual kind of stuff, but the time has come to spread their wings a little further! They both co-incidentally bought and built tiny homes in the same model of truck, and they’re both awfully fond of a good folk song. Join Andie + Joseph John Matthews on their galavant up and down the east coast, down to Tassie and across to South Australia on “The Break Gently Tour” as they serenade you with songs + stories of heartbreak and the human condition.

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Australian Tour


6:30pm - Kulin Land  /  Brunswick    VIC

7:30pm - Kulin Land  /  Brunswick    VIC

7pm - Palawa Land  /  Exeter  TAS

3pm - Palawa Land  /  South Arm  TAS

3pm - Palawa Land  /  Penguin  TAS

Reach Out

We're covering a lot of ground on this tour! Things are bound to chop and change throughout. Feel free to get in contact or follow us on social media for up to date announcements.

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Joseph John Matthews
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