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Currently based in

The Blue Mountains, NSW

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Get in touch with andie about music collaborations, videography and editing, custom knitting, haircuts or whatever the hell you feel via this contact form. 

Talk soon baby!
About Dee

ABOUT andie

Standing at 4’11 and half, with steel lungs, infectious laughs and a totally DIY kitted out school bus as a house, andie is synonymous with her raw lyricism and can-do attitude. 


 Growing up in the Blue Mountains the singer, songwriter and multi-faceted creative gained a hefty youtube following throughout her teenage years under her old pseudonym. This early boost brought opportunities of international touring and collaboration, crowd sourced projects and andie caught the eye of major players in the industry including SONY. 


While many fans of andie’s previous work have naturally joined the chorus in support of her current creative journeys, this new chapter has andie opening the door to a sense of freedom to be able to create with no prior held expectation. No doubt because of that decision to start this new chapter, andie’s creative projects have exponentially expanded. 


While music is still a major aspect of andie’s creative career, it can’t be understated just how many other amazing things andie has on offer currently. Having spent years as an avid videographer, andie has now begun releasing two entirely self produced video based projects. A Tiny Slice of Dee; short collections of andie’s life during travels, down times in her hometown, gigs and community. Vandie; originally started when she lived in a van, Vandie showcases musicians local to wherever her wheels may be, in an intimate setting with high quality audio. 


It doesn’t stop there, andie gives the occasional haircut via Deez Cutz and, having discovered a love for the art of knitting Dee also offers custom knitted apparel under her brand Deez Knitz (info coming soon).

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